MR9CARTER – Illuminati [RRS029]

MR9CARTER - Illuminati (RRS029)

MR9CARTER - Illuminati (RRS029)

A relative late-comer to music production, Mr9Carter draws on the musical influences of his youth. Refusing to be pigeon-holed, each new production takes the listener in a new direction. The common vein in running through the music, however, is driving rhythm. Red Robot is proud to release two of his tracks, Illuminati and Lost Pharaohs. Also included in the package are
two remixes of Illuminati: James Edwards adds lashings of acid in his tech house rerub whilst Oscar TG throws the whole thing at the wall and reconstructs it into an old school rave inspired “dance floor killer” (DJ Joy,

2 Responses to “MR9CARTER – Illuminati [RRS029]”

  1. December 17, 2011 at 12:53 AM

    Ola! Redrobotrecords,
    Thanks for that, OK so I don’t undersatand. If the media are supposedly disguising devil, i.e illuminati, signs and words in their music videos and other products of media, why are illuminati, and conspircy theorist pointing it out? I mean clearly no one else but themselves notice these “hidden messages” and “signs” in videos but yet still they are discovering what no one else can see.
    My point is that I think conspiracy and illuminati theorists are low lifes who just made up the whole illuminati thing to get attention, maybe they’re even activist who found that being a conspiracy theorist is a better method of getting attention?
    Good Job!

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