Alec Carlsson

Alec Carlsson is a young house/tech-house producer, born in 1995 near Paris. His father is a DJ & producer and Alec was raised in a musical household, with soul, funk, jazz, house, deep house, soulful house, and a lot of electronic music styles. When he was 9 years old, his father’s love of music touched him. He was taught to mix by his father, then graduated to producing. He is now expanding on this knowledge gained and producing his own deep and funky house.

Andrew Duke gate hi rez

Andrew Duke

Andrew Duke has been composing, producing, remixing and performing music since 1987. His music is consistently referred to by the media and listeners alike as continuously presenting a unique and distinct sound; quotes: “Andrew Duke creates music that sounds like it has a reason for living” (The Wire, UK); “He often seems to be inventing new genres” (Cyclic Defrost, Australia); “Andrew Duke renews my faith in the world of techno” (Igloomag/Microview, USA); “Andrew Duke reinvents himself almost with every release” (All Music Guide, USA); “Andrew Duke puts his soul into his experimental music” (The Halifax Daily News, Canada); “The man behind the East Coast electronic music scene, Duke displays a different facet of his skill with every release” (Exclaim, Canada). Consumer vs. User (Phthalo/USA) was nominated Album of the Year (Urban) at the 2006 Music Nova Scotia Awards. Two PSAs he scored for the national Racism: Stop It! campaign were recognized with awards in March 2005. His Sprung album (released on France’s Bip-Hop label in 2002) was nominated for Album of the Year (Electronica) at the 2003 annual Canadian Independent Music Awards.


Baked Clouds

Baked Clouds, aka Chris Dunford, started producing at the age of 16 and is currently a music tech student. He started making electronic music in April 2009, putting out a free EP the following month to great acclaim. His style is alternative/IDM/glitch/dubstep but he uses those terms loosely.


Born in Novi Sad (Serbia) 1983, his first encounter with electronic music was with acid house in 1996. He continued to follow the progress and evolution of the music through parties and clubs but he didn’t want to be a DJ, he wanted to contribute to the music in his own way. He started producing his own music and his own take on the minmal side of tech house.

black jack

Black Jack

Black Jack, better known by his DJ pseudonym Mr. Man, has been in and around the dance music scene since the mid 1990’s. His influences came from Detroit, he cites Juan Atkins, Rhythm is Rhythm, Eddie Flashin Fowlkes and Jeff Mills as creators of his electronic techno style. He has been a resident at club nights Syntax, Pigeon Project and Funion and this has seen him play alongside Blake Baxter, Richard Grey, Nathan Coles, Laid Back Luke, Funk D’void, Pure Science and Derrick Thompson to name but a few. Black Jack describes his own unique style as a mixture of tribal acid house and techno.



In the world of experimental sounds, trends, and many different genre’s. BlockH3d’s sound blends many styles of music. With that techy sound getting around to his progressiveness and playing with minimal riffs and arcade sounds for some fun electro.

Bourne Van Gello

Van Gello is a Musician, DJ, Producer and Radio Presenter based in Liverpool, England.
Bringing his own style into the dance scene, refining sound through tweaking & experimenting, Van Gello’s DJ sets take in elements of Groovy Techno, Minimal & Tech House always keeping faithful to his House routes!

A typical ‘Van Gello’ set can consist of anything from an uplifting terrace sound right through to a deep underground tech house blend.

DBD BLUE image

Deaf By Dawn

Peter Ryan began his love of music at a very young age starting with early Electro and then onto Northern Soul,and then in 1989/90 became transfixed with House music…the Northwest was where it was all happening…places like Quadrant park in Liverpool and the Werehouse in Leeds Upfront all Nighters Stalybridge and Chester etc Hackets in Blackpool and how can we forget Blackburn Parties. the North West was really Buzzing…Unforgettable times .and through the Experience of all the above decided to take up Djing. and in the early to Mid 90s became involved in the Production side of Things with the very Successful Chris Scott and another well known local Dj Dom Murray.( Artist Name Green Cloud) they went on to Release Two Tracks on Green Cloud Recordings (Can You Get The Groove and Do What The Fuck You Like)and they had the (Dungion Dancin EP Released on Global Beat Records in Bradford).and the (Green Cloud Club Crash Released on Phat as Phuck Records) and also the (House Skulkers Released on Phuture House and Disco P.H.D Records) and the odd remix. the last released in 1995/96.since then Nothing on the Production side of things until last year when he started to work with the very Talented Rob Morris and Mike Dowson(Marv Hollywood) who together are Deaf By Dawn.

De La Suitte

Jonathan Erimia was born in Spain in 1983 and is the creator of De La Suitte, a project backed by many years of experience in the studio and in the clubs. Inspired by Bands like Peace Division, Joeski and Bushwacka his youth was spent listening to various genre’s of music but House and Techno were his favourites. In 2004 he started a music course and specialised in Live and studio engineering. Since then he has developed his sound and continues to create his own style of House music.

dirty rhythm syndicate pic

Dirty Rhythm Syndicate

Dirty Rhythm Syndicate formed back in the spring of 2003 with members Jay Marshall, Neil Bennet and Gary Morland. They have pushed themselves deep into the House music scene, bringing with them a unique Electronic, Techy Progressive influence which has caught the attention of the worlds leading dj’s and producers with one quote as saying “These guys are a new breed of Tech-Prog House”. They have had Music released by Mc Groove Records and their own label R-Type Recordings and have done remix projects for Disciples of Sound, M.o.d.e, Orbiter Music and Pete Gooding. The future looks very Promising for Dirty Rhythm Syndicate who have various remixes in the pipeline as well as a monthly residence for “Hard Boiled Events” and guest spots playing across the country. This Dj/Production team are sure to hit new heights and introduce their unique sound to the masses.



Raul Recinos aka Dj EFX has been Producing for many years and under many names and his Discography reads like a small book. He has had releases on labels like Strictly Rhythm, remixed the likes of Madonna and Dj’d all over the World. Originally from El Salvador Raul has produced all over the world but is best known for his work in San Francisco where he used to run Third Floor Productions with his label partnet Dj Digit. Raul is now back in El Salvador where he draws Inspiration from Life For His Music.

Dj Robopunk_002

Dj Robopunk

Dj Robopunk produces electro house with a hard edge sound, not your typical electro sound. His electro is very techno influenced, with heavy bass lines, metalic and a robotic sound, keeping the electro hard and futuristic.

The Electroscopes

The Electroscopes

The first time I thought about taking music seriously was when I auditioned as guitarist for Shakespeares Sister. After two trips to Dave Stewarts recording studio, they decided to pick someone else, alas leaving me to form indie rockers ‘Silvercord’, for whom I played lead guitar. We were on Radio 1, had management, did a demo for EMI… and then imploded. After that I moved into more electro stuff, and began releasing music under the name Astral Navigations. We released an E.P. for Herb Records, as well as releases on net labels bumpfoot and segmenter. This was mainly instrumental stuff and feeling the need to inflict my vocals on people, I formed The Electroscopes and got some live musicians in to help. Our track ‘Harder Each Day’ was played by the BBC as their uploader track of the week.

Evil Tim

Evil Tim is a Drum & Bass Dj/Producer from Russia. He has tracks with N.S.S Records and Darkland Records and also runs his own website Neutroskulls. COM.

Flatpack Jesus

Flatpack Jesus is Producer Anwe Wadoco who hails from Yorkshire, England. He has been involved in music for many years having Dj’d at venues all over the Uk with the likes of Mr C, Sasha, Edzy and many more. His music is a mix of Genre’s Blending his love of Dub, Blues, Rock and Electronica over Phat Breaks.



“Well what can i say music has always been a part of my life. Beneath you find a short bio: 1970 – My Birthyear 1974 – Got my first “very Cheap” record player. 1978 – Other kids where playing games.I was listening to music. 1979 – Bought my first 7″ After that I visited the record store weekly. 1982 – Saved enough money to buy a real stereo. 1985 – Got a weekly residency at a bar to spin tunes. 1987 – Got a weekly residency at a club. 1987 – Went to Ibiza and heard House Music for the very first time. 1988 – Visited the Roxy Amsterdam frequently and later the “It” I also bought a small studio setup.fostex 16 channel mix console.Fostex 8 track recorder.Atari computer with Cubase and 2mb memory.Roland Juno 106. Akai S1000.Ensonique EPS. 1990 – Started working at a record company and was responsible for labels like Harthouse,Positiva,Cooltempo.Also studied at the School of audio engineering. 1991 – Moved to San Francisco.Visited the Billboard Dance Music Summit. Visited the now defunkt 3rd Floor Studio’s and B.P.M records owned by DJ Jeremy”Digit”Cowan and Raul”DJ EFX”Recinos. Met people like B.McCarthy a.k.a Aquatherium, Buck, rasoul, Tyler Stone, DRC. 1992 – Moved back to Amsterdam. 1994 – Got out of the scene after seeing some of my friends turn to zombies. 2000 – Picked up some gear again to start some production work. 2001 – One of my tracks got “stolen” by a record company. 2006 – Collaborated with DJ EFX. 2007 – Collaborated with B.McCarthy a.k.a Aquatherium on Porn Star. 2008 – Electric Disco hit Junodownload top 10 techno charts.Collaborated with B.McCarthy as Bang brothers on a remix for Victor Imbres.Remixed Victor Imbres’s We got the Funk.DJ EFX and Victor remixed the Summer Sessions e.p,Collaberated with Victor Imbres on V&S feat Michaela Paige – Never gonna give up on your love.Remixed Victor Imbres – Changes. Also released Tune in & All the way on Red Robot. 2009 – Alcatraz -Give me luv 2009 will be released. Special Greenlight records mix compilation(for WMC)”.


Geler & Sasha Flash

Geler & Sasha Flash are talented Producers/DJs from Russia. Their style is a combinaton of House and Trance. They started working together in the summer of 2009. Their Love of the Music while DJing forced them into the producers chair where their individual styles merged. Geler & Sasha Flash have a quality sound that will Deliver Worldwide.


Ghetto Mullet

Ghetto Mullet are an Electronic outfit formed from the discontentment of run-of-the-mill sounds that worm their way into our radios from the ‘tinned music’ culture of today. Their influences range from early Hip Hop to Hip Hop from the mid-nineties all mashed and mixed together with their own take on the modern wave of glitch, broken beat recycled Hip Hop-style sounds.



Gomorrah has loved bass since a young age. First by delving into the metal scene at 15, then by getting into drum & bass at 17. Gomorrah’s love of drum & bass eventually extended to encompass a new sound, dubstep, first discovering this bass heavy sound in 2007. Since 2009 Gomorrah has been honing his skills as a dubstep and drum & bass DJ & producer. He prides himself on creating energetic, varied and accessible multi-genre DJ sets as well as producing quality dubstep & drum & bass.

Human Boot Project Press Pic

Human Boot Project

Human Boot Project is the brainchild of Japanese Producer Masashi. He is a genre breaker fusing Jazz with his love of Rock and throwing in a little Drum and Bass too. His Music is deep and thought provoking Electronica.


Ivan Weber

Ivan is a DJ / Producer from the far east of Russia and started producing in 2001. His music is Tech / Progressive House filled with Emotion and Positive vibes. His Dj Sets are filled with Electro House through to Techno taking inspiration from Eric Prydz and Deadmaus to name a few.

John at Beach

John Orbiter

John Orbiter is DJ, Producer and Label Manager of his net-label Orbiter Music. His musical roots go back to the early 90s, when he made the first steps in sound sequencing on the Amiga and composed music for commercial games on this machine. He specialises in Minimal, Electro and Tech House but always open for trips into other house-genres. He did a Funk House Remix for Oskar Oskarson’s “Magenta Luma” for example. He also had an entry in the Trackitdown-Charts on place 10 with his remix for Ricardo Motta’s “Turbulence”, that people call “the late night bomb”.


Julie Doce

Julie Doce is a Singer/Songwriter from France. She has had critical acclaim for her work and performs live regularly. She also produces her own music which is in a style of Minimal Electronica with influences of Hip Hop.

Julius Jah Davis

Julius was Born in the South West of France in July of 1982. He was a Chef for 10 Years but has had a passion for music from Childhood. His Music Consists of Him Sampling Himself Playing various instruments such as the Trumpet, Saxaphone and Piano, and it is all Fused together with an influence of Hip Hop, Jazz, Electro and Soul.



k.Katt or konstigKatt is a micropop group from Lund in Sweden. They used to hang around in strange bars listening to weird 60’s pop and modern psychedelic jazz heads. Then they discovered micropop and started making music on Their own. Their studio consists of an old Commodore, Atari, iMac (ruby red) plus an IBM computer running dos 6.
The members of the group are: P.A Qvick – Computer and vocals, Ibix Blixt – Gameboy, Gameboy Camera, Momals Måne – Commodore C64, Klintos & Flanta – Vocals, Atari 1050STE.


Kandy Flow Beatz

Kandy Flow Beatz is a young and talented Producer hailing from Chicago. His passion started at the age of 12 and during his teenage years he Dj’d in various forms and styles, but in the end his gift for Electronic music diverted his attention away from other experiments. Since the age of 16 he has been composing almost compulsively in search of the sound hes looking for.



Kegzi is a member and the Producer of Urban Unity. His solo releases are created from his Love of Drum and Bass and Dubstep. Expect Roaring Basslines, Phat Beats and Hard ass Synths.


Lex Loofah

John Gilpin was born and bred in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England. He started producing around the age of 19 and released the white label “EXCELLER8 – CAN YOU REACH” with then partner Raz, who ran the record shop Fourth wave. John and Raz then teamed up with 80’s house duo HOTLINE and came out with “JACO – SHOW SOME LOVE” which was signed by legendary label WARP. John then released SOLITAIRE GEE and BLACK MOJO with raz on WARP and also Started solo work under the name LEX LOOFAH and released “FREAKY DEAKY” also on WARP. John and Raz also teamed up with Warp artists RHYTHM INVENTION to produce “DTEK – DROP THE ROCK ep” on POSITIVA. They then started PHAT AS PHUCK records and had numerous releases before going their seperate ways, having also done many remixes. John has since had releases on labels WREKED, DUBLIN XPRESS, 22 DIGIT and  NICE & NASTY. Over the years he has been involved in music in many ways from playing Percussion in a jazz funk band to running his own studio helping disadvantaged kids learn to produce and write their own music. This also involved in taking them to Gambia to learn to play the Djembe. He has also DJ’d at many venues all over the uk and europe Including the legendary HACIENDA and amsterdams THE ROXY and played at club nights Back To Basics, Cream and many more.


[*LULU*] was born in 2008 from LU and LK. With the help of groove-boxes, laptops and samplers, Lulù creates a sinuous sound with a scratchy core. Thanks to the passion developed through the years for “played” electronic and techno music, Lulù has become a new way of music expression. Rhythmic beats and effective grooves let Lulù dance, with a mix of analog and digital sounds, among echoes of beloved readings.

fi pete with cards


Lunarsea is the fusion of many different genres and the brainchild of Producer Drew Acomb, Singer songwriter Fiona McIntosh and the lyrical poetry of Warped One. They started in 2001 by doing the summer festivals and have also played in London and Brighton clubs recieving a massive response. They have had reviews from people like Tim Oliver who said “Lunarseas Potential is Massive”.


Machine Boy

Machine Boy is Producer, Animator and Drummer Dean Cook. His Music is based around retro synth sounds, Lofi beats and heavy basslines. His animations have Introduced the likes of “Family Guy” on Bbc3 Which makes him a legend in our book.  He also runs his own label Shotgun Charlie.

bio pic2

Marion Christian

Marion Christian is a Dj/Producer From the U.S. He has been producing for the past 14 years and Djing for the past 15 years and has played at many clubs and events from LA to Miami. Marion is also a Soundtrack Artist and Soundscore engineer and has also remixed Country Dance Fusions through to Trip Hop, Rock and Drum N Bass. His past Names Include Sk-Eye, Milk, Saint and Indigo Children.

Mark Lam

Mark Lam is a DJ/producer based in the Dublin club scene and is known for his clean mixing and excellent song choices in his sets. Mark has played in many popular club nights throughout Dublin and has kept the crowds dancing at Tripod, Pod, Crawdaddy, Rouge, Wax/Spy, TBMC/The Button Factory, Spirit/The Academy, Kennedy’s, Andrews Lane Theatre and Twisted Pepper just to name a few and has supported such acts and DJ’s as Alex Gopher, Phillipe Zdar, Dr Lektrouv, Uffie, Feadz, Erol Alkan, Annie Mac, Sourcecode, Deadbots, Hystereo, Crystal Castles, Trafik, Party Shank, We have Band, Jokers of the Scene,and Modeselektor. Mark as producer has also had official releases of his Bryan Cox’ Lets go to work remix on Crux Records. And other bootleg remixes of A1 Bassline and Streetlife Djs. Mark is currently working on new remixes and is still taking to the decks around Dublin and holds residency at club nights Trashed, Le Cirque and Antics.


Mick Chillage

Mick Chillage is one half of Dublin based radio DJ’s The Chillage Idiots who have been playing a wide range of music within the spectrum of electronica on Dublins XFM.. Mick has been producing music since 1996 with Influences from Kraftwerk to Eno to Larry Heard & beyond Mick prefers to produce a variety of genres, techno,house,electro, IDM, ambient, dub, minimal etc, rather than focusing on one style and sometimes fusing all these genres in to one track..
Mick has released material including remixes for Herb, This-side net label, Nice & nasty, DXR, Static, Unnamed..
July 2009 saw the release of his debut album “Tales From The Igloo” on Dublin based electronic/ambient label Psychonavigation records.

nacim ladj artist pic

Nacim Ladj

Nacim Ladj was born in 1980 in Algeria and he now lives in Batumi, Georgia. He graduated from Batumi art school in 1995 and is a member of the georgian art association. He has exhibited his own paintings and works in the Batumi art gallery four times. He is also well known among artists in Adjara and Tbilisi for his works, Aerographics, body art and Tattoo’s. His music is a combination of House, Techno and Electronica and has had releases on Underground Records and Artefekz.


Niki Carrera

Born the daughter of an Italian-american mother and an italian father, Niki was born in and raised in Milan (Italy).
Since she was a child she had a flair for music. She probably started singing and dancing even before talking.
Her father was an actor and singer too, and she grew up listening to Frank Sinatra, Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin and George Gerschwin, trying to sing along with those records and emulate his father’s talent. Niki started her singing career at 17, recording dance music with talented dee jays and musicians. She started attending singing and piano classes and she graduated at Accademia di Musica Moderna. These experiences and steps will help later to shape her lyrical/songwriting and performing skills, because she really wanted to create her own songs. Then she jumped into a different world, made of Lounge/Chill out vibes and Jazzy smooth melodies, who reminded her of her first love for jazz music, since she was a child.

oscar tg logo

Oscar TG

Having spent over a decade gracing the decks in and around Bristol in the south west of the UK, playing on the same bill as DJs as diverse as Chris Liberator, Steve Kyte and Roni Size, Oscar TG hung up his headphones in 2004 when his first daughter was born. After a hiatus of 3 years, Oscar TG returned to music, this time concentrating on producing his own music. Three of his pre-2004 productions and a new track, Savannah Dream, were quickly signed by Wreked Records Worldwide. It was through Wreked that Oscar TG first met John Gilpin (Lex Loofah), and when John set up his new label Red Robot, Oscar was one of the first artists to be signed, and a slew of remixes and original tracks followed. August 2009 saw the release of his debut album, Scene Not Herd, including collaborations with Will Scarlett (Sexy Face) and MC Flipt (Welcome To The Future). Described by Mixmag as “prolific”, Oscar TG works at a blistering pace, defying genre boundaries and reinventing himself with each new remix or original production. TrackItDown.net recently wrote of one of his remixes: “If this doesn’t get the crowd moving, then you must be playing to dead people!”

perbonfils mystique

Per Bonfils

At the beginning of the 90´s, inspired by sci-fi movies and a collection of art-music, Per Bonfils bought his first sampler. From his small apartment he conjured space-out soundscapes whilst annoying the neighbours with endless sound & bleeps. Along with the breakbeat wave Per Bonfils evolved while producing a different sound and formed the band E:T:A. E:T:A forged the soundbarrier in the summer of ´97 with the single “Casual Sub”. This single was a hit worldwide with a no. 1 on the U.K. dancechart. In 2000 E:T:A released the album “No smoking” along with the Danish producer Kenneth Bager. E:T:A exsisted until 2003, where Per Bonfils decided to go solo and start his own record label Faberge Grammofon. In 2005 Per Bonfils released his first solo album “Exotic Fruits”. A taste of Scandinavian easy listening, house & space music. This album received 5 star reviews from the press. Alongside his music, Per Bonfils has worked on short films and art movies, but as he is saying ; “I´m always working on the next album”.


Phasen is the alias of Florida based producer Ryan Parmer, born in 1989. Involved in music for nearly his entire life, he first began producing electronica at the tender age of 15. Within three years he had racked up several netlabel releases and first signed to U-Cover Records alongside his idols Lackluster, Lusine, Kettel, and others. Phasen quickly made a name for himself in the IDM scene, releasing 15 albums in just over two years and taking up remix duty for labels like Boltfish, Distant Noise, I Absentee, and his own Unnamed Label imprint.  In 2009 his musical focus turned towards techno, and today he produces  a unique brand of  tech house that incorporates his roots in IDM and a love for the deep, Detroit-inspired sounds he grew up with. With forthcoming works for Nice & Nasty Records, the next decade holds some promising possibilities for this young producer. Phasen also attends the University of Florida where he studies Anthropology and Criminology with career aspirations in the field of Forensic Science.

Phazed Groove / Phaze2

Brian Hope is a self taught Musician who started out as a Dj and has been producing music for over 15 years. his musical influences lie in 70’s Disco and Jazz Funk. A former Scottish DMC mixing champion two years running in the 1990’s was something that lead him to producing his own music. He has since worked with many different labels throughout the UK including Tocayo’s “Live in Peace” on Limbo as an example. Having returned after a break from music he is now back in the studio creating.

Phuture Killa

Phuture Killa

Phuture Killa, or Justin to his mother, is a young producer from Cardiff in Wales. After becoming disenfranchised with DJing, he changed his focus to production. His primary genre is techy/dark drum & bass – a combination of killer riffs, tearing breaks and gut-wrenching basslines – but he also turns his hand to electro, dubstep and hip hop.


Ricardo Jefferson

Ricardo is a Dj, Producer and Film Maker from northern England. He has had many releases on labels like 22 Digit, Nice & Nasty, Third Ear and many more. He also produces his own videos such as “A Brutal Truth” which has recieved critical acclaim and can be seen on You Tube.

nina koops


Nina Koops AKA Sass is a solo producer originally from the beautiful island of Tasmania, Australia. Nina grew up making music with her family from an early age. She began writing and releasing indie acoustic tracks on her father’s label, Four Track Shack Productions. Inspired by the outdoor doof scene in Brisbane, she began writing beats after developing a deep love for Breakbeats and minimal electro.

scott langley

Scott Langley

DJ Scott Langley is a DJ with a great wealth of 15 years experience, playing all over the world. Scott started his journey into the dance scene at the early age of 13 traveling the country to the illegal acid house raves, it was only a matter of time till Scott got his first pair of Technic 1210’s and within no time at all he was spinning at some of the Country’s well known events. Musically, Scott started off with the acid house beats, then moved onto the hardcore which progressed into drum and bass, Scott, still spinning all over the country, found Ibiza in 1992 where the house music was big in force. From his return to England, Scott then played house and has never looked back, till this day house music it still is! Scott has played in over 30 London clubs, and nearly 20 countries and played along side some of the biggest names in the business and some of the biggest clubs and promoters too. Musically, Scott is very diverse enough to play soulful US house, to deep funky tribal, progressive, tech house with a twist of dirty disco when need be. Scott has now locked horns with Kev McCarthy to create there own music and sound in there studio, which they built together and also with DJ partner That Disco Kid too, collectively known as Phunk Solution.

Secret Groovers

Secret Groovers are Producers from Denmark. Their musical direction is different in all the right ways. They’re crossing over the lines between House and Electro with an individual style. Using a variety of spacey keys, tripped out vocals, creative effects and some serious basslines to create one of the most unique House styles we’ve heard in a very long time. Some electronic, late-night excellence you simply can’t ignore.


Shesus Sanchez

Shesus Sanchez are Graphic Designers and a band from Argentina. Blending their love of Rock Music with Electronica to create their own unique sound.


Silent Seraph

Silent Seraph (Kris Grant) has been producing music since 2005, creating an obscure portfolio of zippy loops and full length dance tracks. Starting out as a hobby flash cartoonist, Kris and his friend Matt decided to start creating their own sound clips for their videos. Gaining a desire to create more than just silly sound effects and simple loops, Kris started studying sound and music theory. Shortly thereafter, Matt grew bored with sound synthesis while Kris remained resilient and eventually moved on to making short songs. From this grew the desire to become a hobby musician,and from there silent seraph was born. After only a few short years, Silent seraph has gone from short sound effects to full-length dance tracks and has already released an EP, been signed by multiple record labels, and worked with other talented musicians all over the united states. Working with Kansas City artist Sim, The ideaUnsound prject was created, and from local chicago artist Ill Eagle the Anti Rapper, Phantom Legit (still in the works) was formed. Rumored to even be starting an indie/electronica band, only time will tell what the future holds for Silent Seraph.

Stevie Vega

After 15 years behind the scenes and working with some of the UK’s finest, Stevie Vega has finally opened the flood gates for his creative juices, and is now immersing the dance world in his own cocktail of driving, melodic, uplifting tunes.  Music has always been in his blood, but it was only after building a studio of his own did his true obsession with noise begin.  Spurred on by some of the top DJs and Producers, and inspired by the hedonistic masses, he continues to push ever closer to a perfect track.  A pure blend of darkness and beauty that will leave the listener wanting more, driving them straight for the sweaty, cavernous dancefloor to loose themselves in a state of melodic bliss.

Davey Mair, Bass Guitar, Easter Road, Edinburgh, 23/3/09.


Superlogic is 28 year old David Mair, Based in Edinburgh. Originally from Ayrshire he jumped back and forth over the Irish sea for more than a wee while, living in Dublin, Fort William, The Isle of Skye and Cork before finally settling in Edinburgh, where he has been for the last 4 years. A skilled bass guitarist, Davie is a well known character in the Scottish music scene, having played in gigging bands and turning the pub he owns in Leith into a top quality live music venue, before getting shut down by the environmental health department (God Love Em). His personal music taste however has always leaned towards the Electronic side of things, and in 2008 he decided to take some time out to learn Ableton Live. His desire to explore the bass and bleeps side of life has so far resulted in the creation of ten absorbing and provocative tracks, from driving multi faceted Techno to Ambient downtempo Electronica. Each one offers a different take on his musical influences and wide spectrum of musical tastes, taking in everything from Massive Attack to Aphex Twin, via Primal Scream and Forward Play.



Steve Rzucidlo is Teleffonic . Steve was the Bass player for the band Green Magnet School who had releases with Sub Pop , Sonic Bubblegum and Geniuse records. The band defied easy categorization, but the 3-guitar cacophony of its music was often referred to in the sub-genres of Noise Rock, post punk, nu wave, and even industrial music. The Band has since split and steve is Following his own path in his own way. Blending Hip Hop beats with Deep Basslines and influences from his past and interlacing it with Vocal samples to great effect.


The James Hope Project

The James Hope Project consists of the english poet and spoken word artist James Hope and his musical partner in crime Per Kincaid. Here is the story behind the project in James’s own words: “I was born and raised in Bristol, England. Raised on jazz, funk, ska, reggae, punk. Real music with real energy. My father died when I was 13, I remember the pleasure of listening to music with him, music still takes me to that special place. I have been through addictions and relationships, they all go, it’s a part of life. The only thing that remains true to me is music. No matter what happens no one can take my music away from me. Although I now live in Copenhagen, the Bristol music scene remains influential in my life because it was part of my childhood. I have connections with Massive Attack and Portishead, also with many other Bristol musicians that aren’t afraid to make a difference. I love music and am grateful to of worked with all the musicians that I have worked with. Now working with Per excites me and challenges me. I create alot of insane ideas Per is able to de-code and make sense of. London boy Per (Kincaid) studied classical music and jazz at RCM in Bristol and Rytme Kons in Denmark. A truly all-round bass player, producer, arranger. Per has worked with the likes of the Brand New Heavies (Per’s brother Jan is the drummer with the ‘Heavies’). On top of his writing commitments Per also plays bass and writes for top Danish salsa band Salsa Loca. What makes our project exciting is that Per and I have similar but at times very different musical influences, because of these differences they seem to take each other further”.


Tony Mafia

Tony Mafia is a Dj/producer from Columbia. His love for music started at an early age when he learnt to play the drums, piano and guitar. Over the years his music has developed through influences of Techno, Electro and House. He Started to Perform Live Sets in 2006 using Ableton Live and Logic making a name for himself at many clubs and venues around his city. He has had releases on Underground Records, Secret Weapon Records and Nasimus Records with many more coming soon.

urban unity collage copy

Urban Unity

A diverse collection of producers and vocal artists from all corners of the uk, where urban creativity produces a hybrid of Drum and Bass, Hip Hop, Reggae and Rock. They consist of Will Scarlett, Kegzi, FlipT, G Man, T Dread and last but not least D Bo General who did the Arsenist vocals for Mickey Finns Urban Shakedown Track “Some Justice”.


Vanessa Henry

Vanessa is a vocalist and songwriter from Liverpool, England, UK. The sound from this upfront and determined woman is of a Soul & Blues feel yet her own raw style comes through. Over the years experience has been gained performing in bars and clubs in a six piece soul band performing covers as a lead singer. Vanessa started working in studios putting her vocals about, messing about with dance music, blues feel grooves, funking it about playing and mixing with sounds. Being involved with several varied projects, the time felt right to take control of her own destiny and develop her solo career. New and diverse interest is being shown in this deep toned performer and her natural ability to write songs with catchy melodies over night. Her affair with music has always been strong and nothing can deter Vanessa from putting herself upfront to be heard.

vgandm 1

Vangello & Mills

Vangello and Mills are musicians, Djs, Producers and Radio Presenters. Lee Mills first started playing the piano before he could talk. Since then he has played with various bands including Baltic Fleet whose self titled album was released in 2008 to rave reviews from Uncut magazine, Clash magazine, Janice long (bbc radio2) and Steve Lamaq among others. With Baltic Fleet Lee played numerous shows in numerous cities around Europe alongside the likes of the Ting Tings, Mystery Jets, Florence and the Machine, Billy Bragg and Silvery to name a few. Bourne VanGello has been Djing and promoting for over 8 years succesfully promoting nights in liverpool and djing around the uk. He has been seen alongside Ralph Lawson, Darius Syrossian, Donna Beats and many more. Bourne has been releasing solo productions for many of these 8 years gaining widespread appeal for his unique tech house sounds with support from djs all over the world. Now coming together as Vangello & Mills with the unique combination of Bourne’s driving basslines and lee’s melodies.


Very Jon

Very Jon is a DJ and Producer from northern UK. His previous work in the offices of Global Underground and for his new label 22digit Records has seen him exposed to some of the world’s best music. In both his mixes and production, Very Jon displays a deft understanding of musicality and blatant disregard for genre preconceptions using his extraordinary breadth of influences to initiate his unique vision of electronic dance music.



VTech is a drum’n’bass producer and DJ from Finland who has been producing since 1996, originally with trackers producing hardcore and acid. Gradually moving from trackers to professional audio software, he also switched to producing aggressive drum’n’bass for the dance floor.
VTech started DJing around 10 years ago. As well as playing gigs in parties all around Finland, he also hosted a weekly internet drum’n’bass radio show with the PLBreaks DJ collective for several years. The same collective then started a monthly DNB club in Helsinki, playing out the full spectrum of broken beats.
With previous releases on Kill Inc. Drum & Bass (US), Darkvibe Recordings (UK), Mindocracy Recordings (US) and Wayside Recordings (US) as well as his own Fat Camp imprint, the future is looking bright.

will scarlett

Will Scarlett

Will Scarlett, originally from Huddersfield in England’s north, is now based in Western Australia where he has been recording and performing with Yummi Fur & Ku-ling Bros counterparts on the Perth music scene. He has supported the Ku-ling Bros on their 2008 album launch and closed shows as part of the long established Yummi Fur Sound System in City rock spot Amplifier during the West Australian leg of his tour. Will has recently released his first mainstream album since departing England and his UK group Urban Unity, following their signing to Red Robot last year. 2009 saw the release of his EP singles ‘Enyways’, ‘Coffee Mate’ and ‘Harlem Shuffle’ with electronic club producer Lex Loofah. His collection of work shows a deep two-sided passion for the exposure of global patterns of greed, in difference and the effect it has on the attitudes of writers in a much sodomized modern industry. His work and fusions of musical collaborations detail a modern 2010 sound, expressing the dreams of a migrant/backpacker in today’s ever-shifting world.




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