Andres Gil

Andres Gil started producing his own music in 2007. Born and raised in Colombia his inspiration for music started with his fathers vinyl collection which lead him to become a Dj. He has since played at many venues and events and also had many releases on labels such as Terror Clicks, Pig Mafia, B Division, LSD and many more.

Captain Random

Captain Random AKA Enda Rochford began DJing back in early 00’s at The Clarence Hotel in Sligo pestering his way into warm up slots for Resident DJ’s Roger Brennan and Tommy Finan.  Enda has played in numerous venue’s in the West of Ireland such as supporting Ibiza Legend John Cecchini at the Sligo IT Grad, before moving permanently to Dublin in 2003.  Enda supported 2FM’s John Power twice and has also appeared twice on Mr.Springs Radio Show “the Firing Squad” as a guest reviewer. Enda had a regular Thursday night show on legendary Pirate station Nova94.7FM, and has played full nights and guest slots around the capital at almost every venue in the book.  In 2008 Enda was involved in the release of “The Boutique Collection Vol.2” for Fitzpatrick records. Edison Waters compiled the tracks, Enda mixed the selection and Fergus Fitzpatrick mastered the Album.  After a break from performing of three months in 2008 after his wife Katie had their first baby Oisín, Enda returned to the Beacon. FM104 DJ Al Gibbs (Freaks on Friday) said the night was “Highly Recommended”.  Enda has been signed to Dublin Xpress Recordings and is currently working with Nice & Nasty on a number of remixes. Catch Captain Randoms Happy Hour Live Every Monday night from 9pm on Irelands fastest growing Dj Specialist station. As of the end of May this will be a joint broadcast with Dutch station


Damolh33 are a Dj/Production duo from Slovakia. They have had many releases on labels like Shovel, Paria, Anonima, Plexo Solar,  serxxi and Noisy Beat.

DJ Jacob U

Jacob is a Songwriter/Musician from Denmark. His main instrument is the guitar but he also plays Piano and Bass as well as producing his own music.

DJ Kot

DJ Kot aka Jack-o-Lantern is a DJ/Producer from Donetsk in the Ukraine. He started DJing in 1999 then started to write his own music playing in Acid Jazz and Trip Hop bands. Since 2005 he has worked at TSP Music Production in east Ukraine as a composer and arranger. In march 2008 he became president of Underground Records and Their Internet Radio Station and in the summer of 2009 he also became Manager of SMD Records in Germany. To date he has written over 600 songs with many more to come.


Earl Green

Earl Green is Producer/Dj Ash Brown. His style is Drum and Bass and is a regular Dj at Nights across the UK including his own night Oxjam.


Funky Bottom

Funky Bottom is Producer and Musician Taka Hirose. His music is Influenced from Jazz, Soul and Funk and he delivers a combination of all three.



From 1995 to 2000 humbek started in rock and  Industrial  as a guitarist in local bands in his country Colombia. In the begining of 2001 his love turns to Electronic Music, experimenting in genres like trance and techno. In 2006 He joined forces with his old friend  Nayeolf, working their productions in genres like Progressive, House and Electronica . For humbek his music has an experimental atmosphere and is constantly developing his style. He has a radio show every Thursday at and every Saturday at


Jace Syntax

Jace Syntax is one half of the dj Team that began the Syntax club nights. He has worked with Producers Such as Unique 3, Black Jack, Paul Mac, Mark Ambrose, John Orbiter and Many More. His Music is Influenced By Detroit Techno, Electro and House and he combines them to create his own sound.

Johnny Kaos

Johnny Kaos is a Dj/Producer from Treviso in Italy. He has Dj’d at many events and venues including Diabolika and Night Of The Dream to name a few. He has also had releases with B79 Music and Keep On Records.


Manuel Carranco

Manuel Carranco started djíng when he was only 16 years old in Madrid, where he is from. In the late 80..s, he was promoted a change in music tendences towards acid-house in famous clubs of the city such as: “Metal”, “Ales”, “Zar”, “Votereta”, “Duplex”, etc, in which he was resident for several years. In the 90..s he changed his style playing techno and trance always giving to his music and sessions some progressive connotations. He worked in Madrid as a dj resident in clubs like: “Baile El Baile”, “Ozono”, “Stop”, “The End”, “Aire”, “Heaven”, “Space of Sound”, “Radical”, “Factoria”, etc..  In the early 90..s, he travelled quite often to USA and became a regular assistant in several sessions in the mythical club “The Meat Rack” in L.A. (California), and also during..93 to ..96 he played eventually at “The Zone DK” in New York city. His career reached a new level when in 1997 he moves to London where he fits himself right into the club scene getting a residency at “0”Club, and also in clubs such as “H20”, “The Artful Dodger” and the famous “Fist” and its “Threesome parties”.  After this important and productive period, in the year 2000, he decides to go back to Madrid, the definitive place where to work on his own projects. In this city he start himself as a club promoter to lunch a rave called “Zortex”, making an important breakthough and consolitating himself, along with Tony Blanco as the most important organizers in the gay progressive house scene of the capital, and giving their club “Odarko” a leading role where Manuel Carranco is a resident dj as well as in his outstanding session called “Into The Tank” that usually takes place every two months.


Dreamy Rhodes, Phat Basslines and Groovy Percussion are the three main ingredients of MasiaK’s Music. This Dj/Producer from Torino in Italy delivers his pure love of House music for all the deep house fans.

Michael McLardy - Artist Profile Pic

Michael McLardy

Michael Mclardy is a Dj/Producer from Nottingham, UK. He has had releases with 22 Digit and Clean Recordings and has dj’d at many venues across the UK. His style is Minimal Tech House.


Mr Madjestyk

Mr Madjestyk is an old School Dj mxing and scratching his way through Hip Hop, Dubstep and Funky arse beats. His influences include The Beastie Boys, Ninja Tunes, Lee Perry, Dj Shadow and Keith Floyd (Rip) to name a few. He uses all of these influences in his productions with great skill and cooks them up into a melting pot of Bubbling Funkyness.


My Tech Friend

“Im a 22 year old DJ/Producer currently based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. I would describe my style as Glitchy Minimal/Techno with a bit of Prog, Tech House and the occasional Electro track thrown in for good measure. I got my first set of Decks at the age of 14 and started my DJ career playing Hard House and Trance. I played my first gig at the age of 15 in a local bar based in my home town of Berwick Upon Tweed. After three or four years of DJ’ing at local bars and underground parties I decided to try my hand at producing. I gained a National Diploma in Music Technology at Newcastle College and then furthered my education in music by enrolling and graduating from a Music Production Foundation Degree, also at Newcastle College”. He has since had releases on 22 Digit which he runs with partner Very Jon.

Rob Zile

Rob Zile’s first release came out last September on Artefekz Muzik, from this EP many doors were opened.  From being asked to remix other artists to forging great relationships with other djs, producers and record labels.  One can not pinpoint Rob Zile’s sound to one specific sound or genre, the only constant trend in his tracks, remixes and dj sets is feeling… oh and maybe a deep bassline! Rob’s musical influences range from New Order, Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, Chemical Brothers, Hybrid, Underworld to the more dirty sounds of Alter Ego, Sven Vath and Skinny Puppy.  Already gaining praise from two of his musical influences, Hybrid and King Unique, Rob is just getting started so sit back and watch out for more from this kid!


Rodrigo Diaz

Rodrigo Diaz is a Dj/Producer from Argentina. He has had releases on labels like 22 Digit, Secret Weapon, Artefekz and many more. His style is Minmal Tech house/Techno.

Ste Keyz

Ste Keyz is a Musician and Producer. As a young prodigy Ste’s obvious talents shone through from an early age. Nurtured and encouraged they grew. Starting out as a multi instrumentalist Ste over time progressed into music production and co-writing, He has an understanding of sounds and music that is way beyond his years. His outlook remains bright, he loves to have fun with his music and doesn’t take himself too seriously, always creating with his tongue firmly in cheek and even sometimes stuck out at the world. Ste continues to think unconventionally and as a result his music is a breath of fresh air in an often stale industry.


The Mainline Project

The mainline project is Producer/Dj Bennet Stone the man behind Wreked Records and Kill Inc. In his own words “There really isn’t a whole lot to say. I’m The Mainline Project and I produce electronic music. All kinds, inspired by everything- bad days, good days, beautiful sights, weird dreams, you name it. I’ve been making music for what seems like forever on my array of powerbooks and midi controllers, and I don’t feel particularly inclined to stick to any particular stereotype of music. I produce mainly as The Mainline Project, but I also have a side project called Linear B which is primarily electro trance as well as an upcoming drum & bass project called Krobar”.




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